What is Web Design? Definition, Importance, Types, and more

A web design is a process of arranging and planning your overall website structure, content layout, graphics, menus, buttons in such as way that is accessible to the end-users on the internet.
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“Web Design is an art that visualizes your idea”

What is Web Design?

A web design is a process of arranging and planning your overall website structure, content layout, graphics, menus, buttons, fonts, and colors in such as way that is easily accessible to the end-users on the internet.

Web designers also take care of the responsive web design so that it can also be accessible to all the devices such as mobile, tablet, or PC. 

The key point of web design is to design a webpage that should be simple yet attractive to end-users.

Do We Really Need a Website?

With the increase in the number of internet users (currently 4.66 billion) businesses are shifting to online marketing and in this scenario, the website is key to your online presence. 

Not only businesses but educational institutes, newspapers, bloggers, writers, etc all are using a website to build an online presence. 

As of right now, you are reading this blog post over the internet, and the webpage is designed to provide you with a clear view of the post with a simple yet attractive layout.

So with this huge population using the internet, you don’t want to miss out on the chance to build your online presence.

Why Website Design is Important?

First impression matters. 

Designing a webpage should be done by keeping users in mind.

When a user first lands on your website, what they see and interact with is your website. 

Let us suppose the content layout in a webpage is too large or small, fonts are not readable, colors and not visible, etc then users are not likely to stay longer in your website.

This leads to a bad impression of the website. So, this is why web designing is very important.

Let us look at more reasons – 

1. It supports your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. 

When your business is online you probably want people to find your website. Here comes SEO, which is a process that makes a website visible to search engines. 

Still, have doubt? Read this quick definition of SEO.

Started a website? Then read this SEO checklist for a brand new website.

2. It helps users to trust your brands. 

Online users quickly judge a site’s credibility by visual looks alone. (Source). 

Suppose you have an eCommerce website and your product description, manufacturer information, product image or features, customer reviews, etc look bulky or not in proper order then people will most likely find another website to make a purchase. 

So in order to build trust, a well-structured web design is important.

3. Mobile Friendliness.

More people use mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc. Which is quicker and more efficient for many people.

So, you need a responsive web design that looks good on every device and functions effectively.

4. Conversion

A good-looking website with easy functionality is more likely to get convert your leads.

Suppose users after gathering all the required information find your call-to-action that grabs attention and the user is most likely to take the desired action. 

What is Defined as a Good Web Design?

We can ask ourselves “Why do we like beautiful things?”

A good web design should speak for your brand. It helps to attract users and leads to more conversion.

This can be achieved by using design elements such as the right color combination, fonts, typography, graphics, shapes, and sizes. 

Important Design Elements

To successfully create a good web design you need to implement these design elements from your audience’s perspective.

  1. Brand logo
  2. Color combination or Color palette
  3. Fonts and Typography
  4. Content layouts
  5. CTA buttons
  6. Navigation
  7. Right visuals – Image, infographics, Giphy, videos, etc.

Types of Web Designing

Not all websites are created equally. Every website serves a different purpose. So there are various types of web designing that play a role. Such as – 

  1. Single page design
  2. Static website
  3. Dynamic website
  4. Responsive design
  5. Liquid or Fluid design

Perfect Web Design

To create a perfect web design, web designers collaborate with SEO professionals, graphic designers, and UI/UI to make sure that the website is optimized and easily accessible to the end-users.

Difference Between

Web Designer  – Put your ideas into a mockup. 

Web Developer  – Turn your design mockups into a coded website. 

Final Words

Website is the soul of your business, and to create a website that works you need to consider all the technical aspects as well. Along with that, it should speak to your audience. A web designer can create a perfect website for you when they know your vision, and what you want to achieve.

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