Do you have days when you want to feel romance and love? Well, we all do! Credits to the bunch of movies that have been made over the years, there can never be a lack of romance in your life. Whether you like a movie that starts with a sweet kiss, the ones that are passionate, or the one that ends leaving you with a box of tissues, romantic movies can touch everyone’s heart (even if you don’t accept).

After all, each romantic movie showcases different shades of love, romance, and relationships, leaving you craving for more.  Sure, countless romantic movies are made every year across various parts of the world, but classic romances often steal the spotlight. Well, they have all the right to do so. Thankfully, most of the all-time favourites are still available to stream and enjoy.

If you have made up your mind to watch one of the best romantic movies of all time with your partners or even alone, here is your cue. Below is the list of the infographic list of top 4 most rated romantic movies on IMdB ( ratings tell a lot, right?). So, what are you waiting for? Pick one (or all) movie, grab a bowl of popcorn, and get ready to drench in the feeling of love and romance like never before.

List of romantic movies –
Top 4 Most Rated Romantic Movies
Image: Top Romance movies list

You can easily find tons of romantic movies to add to your movie bucket list. The ones that make you feel loved, the ones where it all doesn’t work out in the end, and those that make you miss your long-distance partner. To put it simply, there is a romantic movie for every mood. Romance and love have different meanings for different people, right?

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