If we look around us, there are several things that make our life easier and happier. There are countless discoveries & inventions that seem so important that it is difficult to imagine survival without them.

While some of the world’s most significant finding were accidental, some took years of brainstorming and problem-solving abilities. No matter how they were invented or discovered, they have profoundly changed the world – for good. 

That’s why we created an infographic list of 7 discoveries & inventions that are widely used in today’s world more frequently.
Important Discoveries & Inventions
Image: Important Discoveries & Inventions

Honestly, it is never easy to rank them. Can you really compare the invention of the bulb to the discovery of the solar system?

No, right? That’s why we say that ranking inventions and discoveries is more art than science.

Well, all of us know that It took a series of problems, solutions, and great knowledge to invent and discover things that have become a significant part of our lives. It is no wonder that the human race has been innovating since the beginning of time. After all, it took thousands of years and tons of failures and learning to get us to where we are today. 

Reference – https://cracku.in/blog/important-inventions-and-discoveries-pdf/

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