Software – Definition, Types, and Facts

Software is a set of instructions used to communicate with computer systems. In a way, it tells hardware components how to function.

Software is a collection of data, scripts, programs & applications that allows running and completion the specific task on devices such as PCs, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, etc.

For instance, a web browser on your PC is a software application, it consists of a set of instructions that allows you to interact with the internet or intranet.

This web browser you find on a PC is another software where the browser is installed. 

There are 4 types of software – 

  1. System software
  2. Application software
  3. Programming Software
  4. Embedded software

Most of the software is written in a high-level programming language, then translated into low-level machine code using a compiler or interpreter for the system to understand. 

Python, Visual Basic, Delphi, Perl, PHP, ECMAScript, Ruby, C#, Java among others are some of the high-level programming languages.

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