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Link Spam Update from Google, the last mid-year 2021 Google released an update on it. To ensure that links have specific meaning to them and can be distinguished easily from spammy links.

This helps users to find out more valuable content according to the user intent.

The main motive was to ensure and maintain the right quality of the search results.

Backlinks are in the spotlight as Google announces spam link update. The latest update of the spam algorithm will be broad and will impact across all the languages that are supported by Google.

According to the official source of Google, the update is intended to scrutinize the outbound links quality within a website.

They also said that a lot of websites use and target outbound links with the purpose to monetize their websites. Though Google supports monetization activities such as affiliate marketing content, Google wants them to be distinct and generalized from the other content. It can be done by making use of different rel values or attributes to mark the different types of outbound links.

Unlike the past updates, one that has caught people’s attention is Penguin. Though it doesn’t penalize the wrongful content it does nullify the low-quality backlinks created by few sites.

Google has begun rolling out updates of link spam, which will make its algorithms immune from spam attacks. It will be tailored and engineered to identify and nullify the link spam. Google issued that it will take at least two weeks for this link update to reach various languages.

And, also warned that the sites taking a part in these updates will witness some downfall of traffic in coming days their links will be re-assessed by Google’s algorithms.

So, what are the Google Link Tag practices one can ensure?

Google has asked the site owners to check and qualify the links rightly when linking to the other sites. Sites are costumed to add a tag to their links, which will also have a value exchange between the 2 domains. To be specific, Google is known to separate the link from the sponsored content and the affiliate links.

If you want to know what Google recommends on Link Spam then must read the next section –  

1. Affiliate links- Google has rolled out to the sites participating in the affiliate programs to add or put rel=” sponsored” in their domains, irrespective of the fact how they were created, dynamically or manually.

2. Links from sponsored content- Links that are part of a paid campaign, or advertisements such have rel= “sponsored” value in their links.

3. Links which are included in the guest posts- These links should be marked with the value, rel= “nofollow”

In the failure of obeying the aforementioned rules, Google may take an action against these sites and their content links. Read the best practice by Google.

Conclusion- Google will fight back the spam attack more vigorously or broadly. It will be putting out actions that will nullify the link spam altogether. The word nullify doesn’t mean that it will penalize the sites, but will generally ignore or not count their content.

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