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Our Story

To be honest we are fascinated by tech, web, and space. And as we know the world is changing, more and more people are using the web, tech, and gadgets in their day-to-day life.

But all not people are aware of the science behind it. So we thought why not create a platform where we can help find people the answers they are looking for. Afterall. from day day-to-day life to space, all are using some tech and web technologies and it is the future.

So we have created “Infographic Blogs” a unique platform to share blogs and infographic images on tech, web, and space. We are also interested in fictional world where they talk about future tech or high end web technologies. Bringing everything on the same place. IB is for tech and web savvy people or who are interested or just need information on the same.

Our Aim

Our aim is to spread knowledge and information through our content. TeamIB is a dedicated team working to create, curate, and disseminate knowledge, information, and fun through our content. We have started this blog with the aim of building a community where we can share informative, data-driven, and story content. We are working towards the goal to provide visual content, we believe that visualization helps people to process information more quickly.

Visualize Your Knowledge

A Place Created for Like Minded People

Infographic Blogs is the right place for knowledge seekers, blog writers, and content creators.

We are not just random guest posting sites that cover multiple niches, random posts, and a bunch of cross-links. We focus on information. If you are like-minded like us then, be a part of this change and help contribute to it.

We welcome writers, designers, or storytellers to share. Contact Us for more details on the same.

So this is the story and aim of infographic blogs.

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