Want to know which category of travellers you fall into? Have a look at the 5 types of travellers (Infographics) you are most likely to meet during your expedition. You can be among them as well.

5 Types of Travellers-Infographics
Image: Infographic Image of Travellers Type
Why people travel?

Travelling, a word that can make everyone excited within seconds! Nothing can be more refreshing and thrilling than visiting popular destinations or going to unexplored places. Sure, not everyone is a passionate traveller, but you can rarely find someone who doesn’t like to go to new places and enjoy various things.

After all, travelling allows us to meet different people, diverse cultures, cuisine, and lots of adventure. Touring other cities is indeed the best way to take a much-needed break from your monotonous daily lives. Excitement, fear, joy, just the thought of a trip can evoke tons of emotions. A trip can truly be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many. 

What does a travellers do?

Travelling to a foreign destination is indeed a form of rejuvenation that offers escape from mundane lives. However, every individual has their own unique ways to enjoy it. Basically, different travellers may have completely different approaches while visiting a destination.

For some, it can be a journey to self-discovery, and for others, it can be a way to learn about new cultures. At the same time, some travellers might just want to enjoy the weekend with their families and loved ones. In simpler words, people travel for different purposes – the ones that resonate the most with them.

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